The DEMENT3D label has announced its very first album release to date: In Æternam Vale – Pink Flamingos LP.

After the break-up of the In Æternam Vale band in the early eighties, Laurent Prot continued the project as a solo act, writing music alone in a home studio stuffed with synths and custom-made electronics. For over thirty years, most of his works had remained more or less of a secret, until 2009, when the label Minimal Wave started releasing some of his vintage productions.

Still, despite those excellent re-issues on Minimal Wave and more recent creations released by Jealous God amongst other labels, there seemed to remain some unexplored sides to his work.

The collaboration with DEMENT3D started out with the aim of exploring specifically the experimental and drone pieces, and, although the focus got a lot broader in the process, this intention remains as a common thread while listening to the album. Soon, while working on the selection, a lot of questions came up. Does it make sense to mix up songs that have been made 30 years ago with brand new compositions? Wouldn’t it make sense to edit some of the tapes that had been recorded with extended live takes? Those behind the release promptly chose to direct themselves in the most authentic way for them to put an album narration together, with intimacy, length, and space, whenever the music had been made and how. It’s no surprise that the total running time quickly exceeded the two-hour mark, on three slabs of vinyl, with uncut and extended versions of ambient drone pieces—some lasting over 20 minutes, unedited techno jams finishing with a fiery tempo rush, punctuated by short, infectious drone soundscapes, and concluded by an actual song.

To mark the announcement, the label have shared the video below.


A1 – Clobenzorex (1988)
A2 – Soundscape 5 (2013)
A3 – Feed Me (2013)
B1 – B (2014)
B2 – Alone (2014)
B3 – Soundscape 2 (2013)
C1 – 181 (1989)
C2 – Congestion Cosh (1995)
D1 – Soundscape 1 (2013)
D2 – Hole (1996)
E1 – Autour Du Signal (2013)
E2 – 176 (1989)
F1 – Soundscape 4 (2013)
F2 – Drones (2015)
F3 – Soundscape 3 (2013)
F4 – La Pluie (1986)

In Aeternam Vale will perform this Friday, February 26, in Paris at the DEMENT3D showcase @ Gaité Lyrique. For more information, click here