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Dial will release the debut album of Kosta Athanassiadis, known as XDB.

Inspiron is the second album of Dial’s 20th anniversary year, following Soela’s Genuine Silk. Athanassiadis, of Greek origin, has long been a friend of Lawrence and Carsten Jost, the label heads, but this is his first appearance on Dial, barring a contribution to a recent label compilation. We can expect “the most beautiful jubilee present we could have ever imagined.”

Athanassiadis has been DJing for nearly three decades, beginning in 1993 in his hometown of Goettingen, Germany. In search of records, he became a regular at record stores around the country, building a network of like-minded people. He met Lawrence and Jost when he invited them to play at his party at Goettingen’s Eletroosho in 2002. Since then, he’s founded it own label, Metrolux, and released on labels like Patrice Scott’s Sistrum and Wave. You can hear a mix of his here.

Besides these two albums, Dial will release a book documenting the label’s visual endeavours, a fundamental part of its history. Earlier this year, the label released a various artist compilation featuring tracks from Christopher Ledger, Yone-ko, Soela, Molly, XDB, and more.


01. Prelude
02. Moveya
03. Endo
04. Transitions
05. Lopak Robot Ocean
06. Dial Fonk
07. Mystic AV
08. Desert Night
09. Ortago

Inspiron LP is scheduled for October 23 release on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can stream “Moveya” in full below.

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