Peter Kersten (left); David Lieske (right)

Dial Records is preparing to celebrate its 20th birthday.

The work of David Lieske (a.k.a Carsten Jost) and Peter Kersten (a.k.a Lawrence), who founded it in Hamburg, Germany around the turn of the millennium, Dial is recognised as one of electronic music’s most singular record labels, championed for its enduring commitment to quality. Although the music spans much wider than house and techno, there’s something beautifully delicate about it all to tie it together.

The label began as little more than an experimental platform for a musical dialog among close friends, and “never would we have then thought it would last that long,” Lieske and Kersten explain.

Adding to this, the label owners add: “Dial started to free our sketches of electronic and analog music for clubs and living-room necessities from clumsy machines and computers into a format that made a great gift and could carry, besides the music, a visual language created by artists whose ideas we wanted to spread among the communities we felt were ready for their much-needed contributions.”

To mark the milestone, the pair will “take it to the streets again,” celebrating the history and future of Dial as the experiment that it still is and the community they’ve built around it. First up is a world tour with their most favorite DJs and live acts, with dates coming soon, and they’ll also be curating club nights and events to represent the range of Dial’s musical and visual repertoire.

They’re also working on a various artist compilation to document Dial’s musical journey through the years, while sketching out its path into a possible future. There will also be debut albums from Soela, which we announced recently, and XDB, plus new material from Roman Flügel and Carsten Jost, all as part of the jubilee festivities.

Finally, we can expect a book documenting the visual endeavours of Dial, a fundamental part of the label’s history, released towards the fall of 2020.