For its 23rd release, Berlin-based Italian label Out-ER welcomes techno fellows DJ Spider and Phil Moffa for the V EP.

The collaboration between the Italian label and the two techno producers follows a meeting in NYC between Out-ER co-founder Simone Gatto at the producers’ headquarters. Gatto always appreciated the artists’ musical peculiarity and generally supports distorted electronic sounds, which already found space on the label’s previous releases thanks to the efforts of The Analogue Cops, Christopher Rau, and Marieu.

The label upcoming release is an invigorating, dark electronic affair. The artists declare that “V EP is inspired by the celebrated American TV series “Visitors” from which we sampled several voices and sounds.”


A1 / 1. First Contact
A2 / 2. Beast As It Is
B1 / 3. Siege
B2 / 4. Busted Main
B3 / 5. Tang Dream

V EP is scheduled for September 25 release with “First Contact” streaming in full below.