Grand River‘s One Instrument has announced its next three releases, including Donato Dozzy‘s “most psychedelic” album to date. 

As the name implies, One Instrument releases music made with just one instrument. Dozzy’s One Instrument Sessions album was recorded entirely with the legendary EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer, all in one take, with no samples and no effects other than the reverb. We can expect a 38-minute journey, split in two parts to fit onto vinyl, produced in his San Felice Circeo studio during an “altered state” night. It will be One Instrument’s fifth release. 

Numbers three and four come in the shape of a mini-album from Indonesian experimentalist Fahmi Mursyid, and a 7″ by Italian Jazz vibraphonist Alessandro Di Puccio. 

Mursyid’s mini-album, limited to 200 pressings, includes six tracks that take the listener on a warm, experimental journey of varying timbres. Mursyid chose to use Indonesian instruments for almost all of the tracks on the 12’’. 

Alessandro Di Puccio’s One Instrument Sessions will be limited to 100 copies. It’s the label’s most minimal work to date, made of three one-take vibraphone tracks recorded 18 years ago.

Grand River (a.k.a Aimée Portioli) released her debut album on Donato Dozzy’s Spazio Disponibile this year, and she’s going to announce her new full-length soon. 


Fahmi Mursyid One Instrument Sessions

Out: September 6  

01. Hening (Saron) 

02. Wirama (Kendang) 

03. Denting (Rösler Piano 50’s) 

04. Halaman (Karinding) 

05. Dentum (Bonang) 

06. Alunan (Pan Flute) 

Alessandro Di Puccio One Instrument Sessions 

01. Autumn Jig 

02. Wandering 

03. Transparent Shapes 

Out: November 1 

Donato Dozzy One Instrument Sessions 

01. Slow Train Part 1 (EMS Synthi AKS) 

02. Slow Train Part 2 (EMS Synthi AKS) 

Out: December 6