Donato Dozzy will release his new album through Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? Records next month.

12H ​is a two-hour-long ​summa ​of the best material produced by Dozzy for Music Bridge—Armando Trovajoli, a well-known sound installation in Rome.

The bridge connects two parts of the city that had been ignoring one another for centuries. On one side, the slopes of Mount Mario dominate the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) sports fields, and on the other side there is Quartiere Flaminio, with its theatre, contemporary art museum, and Renzo Piano auditorium.

The original piece translated into music the architecture of the bridge and its surrounding life, layering samples and field recordings, and employing repetition, rhythm, and harmony as building blocks. It was originally reproduced by 12 speakers spread along the bridge colonnade, escorting the visitor through different musical places in their crossing. With 12H, it takes its final stereo form in this continuous mix version: a dense, “enthralling flow akin to Tiber’s murky waters,” the label explains.

Later this year, Dozzy will also release One Instrument Sessions, another album, recorded entirely with the legendary EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer, all in one take, with no samples and no effects other than the reverb. Information can be found HERE. Last year, he released his Filo Loves The Acid LP on Tresor.

Presto!? Records will also reissue Curtis Roads’ Point Line Cloud in early October. You can find more information HERE.


01. 12H.1
02. 12H.2
03. 12H.3
04. 12H.4
05. 12H.5
06. 12H.6
07. 12H.7
08. 12H.8
09. 12H.9
10. 12H.10
11. 12H.11
12. 12H.12

12H LP lands October 25, with “12H.3” streaming in full via the player below.