Photo by: Peter Vincent

Known for his constant evolution in the studio and comprehensive performance style, Detroit Techno Militia’s own Shawn Rudiman has never stopped honing his craft as a live techno producer. During the later part of January, Shawn Rudiman hit the road for two tour dates that were accompanied by extended DJ sets from Smart Bar resident and God Particle label owner, Sassmouth. The two Mid-West producers shared the stage in Chicago as part of a B2B session with Jeff Derringer at Oktave, and they performed in Los Angeles as part of a headlining show for the long-running warehouse techno party series Dirty Epic. Both of these events were met with incredible reviews, with Shawn being praised on his versatility with his machines and Sassmouth’s flexibility on the turntables. The recording of Rudiman’s live performance from the Los Angeles event was quickly secured and is now being graciously offered up for download. This two-hour mix showcases Rudiman in full form, shifting from machine to machine while fully focused on creating on-the-fly arrangements while also meticulously mastering his sounds throughout.

To find out more about Shawn Rudiman and Sassmouth, click here. You can grab a free download of Shawn Rudiman performing live at Dirty Epic in Los Angeles by clicking on the WeTransfer button below.