DVS1 has a shared an album on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records.

Beta Sensory Motor Rhythm is DVS1’s first full-length effort, and it follows EPs on Klockworks and his own Mistress and HUSH. Last year, he contributed a single on XLR8R+ with Vladislav Delay and Convextion.

The album is made of eight tracks, all previously unheard, and we’re told that it activates “paradigm shift” in the mind. “

We’re also told that “hypnotic hallucinations reveal detailed layers, oscillating from the back to the forefront of the dream,” and that “synth programming yields abstract ideas into concrete images.”

DVS1, real name Zak Khutoretsky, is a techno artist based out of Minneapolis, and one of the prominent voices in the preservation of true club culture. His sets, powerful and high-energy affairs, honor his roots while evidencing a versatility, sensitivity, and understanding for making people dance that comes only with years of commitment in pushing the boundaries of sound.

For more information on DVS1, check out his XLR8R features here and here.


01. Alpha-Theta
02. Drifting
03. Delta Wave
04. Inertia
05. Hypnagogia
06. Transient Response
07. The Five Aggregates
08. Solf├Ąge’s Framework

Beta Sensory Motor Rhythm LP is available digitally now. You can hear it over at the Axis Records page, where it’s also available for order.