DVS1‘s Mistress Recordings has welcomed Surrogate, the new project of a veteran DJ-producer from Detroit who has been releasing under primarily one name with little deviation in the last 20 years.

Mistress 15 follows EPs from ASOK, Frag Maddin, and Anthony Rother on Mistress, a sub-label of HUSH. It features puristic, driving analog rhythms and sinister, gritty dub techno grooves held together by luxuriously layered arrangements.

The release opens with “Saudade,” which refers to the famous untranslatable Portuguese feeling of maybe never seeing a place or person again. It embodies darkness, melancholy, and longing that comes from a happy memory but hurts at the same time. The track uses Detroit sound sprinkles and percussion elements to capture this profound yet bittersweet emotion, the label tells XLR8R.

The second track, “Alcantara,” named after the district in Lisbon where it was also recorded, unfolds a jacking groove, powered by a luxurious dark marine sound, while “Konsequenz,” on the flip, explores a dark, rough-grained sharpness with a persistent yet swinging straight forward techno beat. “Atlantico” closes the 12″ with another puristic, dub-infused slow-burner.

The digital bonus track, “Radikale,” is a more classic modern techno workout with fast drums and a lush dimension to the synth line and bass.

In December, DVS1 released his debut album via Jeff Mills’ Axis Records.


A1. Saudade
A2. Alcantara
B1. Konsequenz
B2. Atlantico
DX. Radikale (Digital Bonus Track)

Mistress 15 EP lands on February 22. Meanwhile, you can hear clips below. Pre-order links will be added as they become available.