As previously announced, Houndstooth will release a compilation of warped, experimental, and deconstructed club music titled Alterity.

Alterity, defined as a state of being “other” or outside convention, aims to push the idea of “radical otherness” and outsider culture to the fore. E-Saggila, Odete, AMAZONDOTCOM, Hyph11E, and many others feature across the compilation, documenting a journey through amorphous techno wormholes, caverns of industrial beat science, and colossal panoramas of glistening hyper-stylised trance.

Ahead of the compilation’s release tomorrow, August 28, we’re offering a full stream of via YouTube below. Each track comes with an animated video. You can pre-order the release here and read more about it here.

(To select a track, press the button in the top right of the video.)