Konstantinos Soublis will release his ninth studio album as Fluxion next month, Perspectives.

Across 10 tracks, Fluxion displays his free-form approach to composing and beat-making. As with all his releases, he goes about the arrangement like a classical composer and the production like a live performer, subverting the listeners expectations for a song’s direction by never repeating a single refrain and incorporating mistakes as “happy accidents.”

Fluxion’s emphasis on the harmony of form between different moods and timbres breathes life into this album, enabling it to be felt and resonated with on an emotional and spiritual level. A delicate sentiment displays itself at times, where it feels like Fluxion wants us to share a frozen moment in time and feel what he feels. In other segments, Fluxion captures a more ethereal image of a natural world waking up, delivering lush, celestial pads “reminiscent of Moby’s iconic Play album,” we’re told.

Vibrant Music, the label behind the release, describes it as a “collage of constantly evolving moods and soundscapes that embraces spontaneity and relinquishes the dogma of structure and arrangement in the authentic Fluxion style.”

Included on the album is “Cliff,” originally released via XLR8R+ along with tracks from Silverlining and Redeyes.

Learn more about Fluxion with his XLR8R podcast here.


01. Schism
02. Formation
03. Within
04. Glimpses
05. Dawn
06. Glimpses II
07. Down The Line
08. Distance
09. Cliff
10. Promise

Perspectives LP is out on vinyl on May 22 via Vibrant Music. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here, and stream “Cliff” in full below. “Formation” is available to stream via this link.