Freqs of Nature Festival has locked in plans for its 2018 edition.

The annual event aims to present alternative and unique art forms and creative engineering. The organizers focus on projects that go beyond an explicit lineup, with multiple galleries, installations, modular synthesizer workshops, landscaping, and organic decorations mixed with scientific experiments. The crew is gathering creative builders and artists from almost all corners of the planet, and mixing these collected artistries and craftsmanships with Berlin’s urban art forms.

With regards to the music, the organizers base their booking “purely on their love of electronic music and search for quality.” There are five festival floors, each dedicated to different electronic music styles. The ‘Kreuz&Quer Floor’ is a charming beach like environment within a little forest, hosting a mixture of atmospheric techno in the likes of Rrose, Kangding Ray, Matrixxman, Mike Parker, Peter van Hoesen, Cio D’Or, Takaaki Itoh, Shifted, Abdulla Rashim, Dasha Rush, and more. Many of the artists playing on the ‘Kreuz&Quer Floor’ will also play a second set on the ‘RelaXperimental Floor, with a lineup announcement scheduled soon.

The Groove Floor, meanwhile, combines minimal techno, tech house, and similar styles with the “hottest exports” from the psychedelic trance scene. Elsewhere, the ‘Forst Floor’ combines organic art with craftsmanship, science, and engineering. It will host the most “experimental and extreme” side of psychedelic trance. Finally, the ‘Bass Playground’ will present dub, bouncy glitch-hop, vibing half-step, drum & bass, breakcore, and everything fitting in between. Matrixxman, the first name to be announced for this stage, will play a drum & bass set.

Lineup—Kreuz&Quer Floor

Air Protection Office
Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim
Asphalt Pirates
Blazej Malinowski
Cio D’Or
Cristal Distortion
Dasha Rush
Etapp Kyle
Florian MSK
Jessica Kert
Kangding Ray
Luigi Tozzi
Mike Parker
Naty Seres
Peter Van Hoesen
Sharad Sood
Sofus Forsberg
Takaaki Itoh
Val Vashar

This year’s event takes place from July 4 to 9 in Berlin, Germany, with more information available here. Meanwhile, you can view a gallery of last year’s edition below.