London based producer Guy Andrews will release his debut album, Our Spaces, through Houndstooth later this year.

Having spent a number of years releasing ambient music under different aliases, Andrews put his first EP out under his own name via Hemlock, and has continued in that vein with records on the likes of Hotflush and Fina. For his debut full length, he has turned to Houndstooth, the in-house label from London’s infamous Fabric, with whom he released In Autumn Arms last year. According to them, Andrews has transformed his approach to production, and listeners can expect “powerful percussive riffs and anthemic synth lines.”

Our Spaces will be available on vinyl, CD and for download, from March 4. You can pre-order it from the Houndstooth store.

Check out this video of a live performance of “Nøkken’s Song,” for a taste of what to expect from the album, as well as an insight into Andrews’ new live show.