Photo | Imogene Barron

HAAi has released her new EP on Mute, titled Systems Up, Windows Down.

Systems Up, Windows Down sees the Australian artist, real name Teneil Throssell, deliver a more mature, dancefloor-focused sound full of heavy basslines, breaks, and crisp percussive electronics. It follows two EPs on her own Coconut Beats.

The tracks lean heavily on her personal archive of field recordings, both from her own travels and scouring the internet.

The opening track includes the revving of her stepdad’s ‘60s Mustang engine. On “It’s Something We Can All Learn From,” she uses an artifact from a trip to Marrakech, and “CHONKIBOI” is grounded in an earwormy ritualistic vocal. 

“6666,” the last addition to the EP, was initially composed for the Genesis stage at Glastonbury. The closing track, which names the EP, is a 10-minute burner which has been “garnering love over the summer festivals,” the label explains.

Throssell first came to Mute’s attention with a remix for Daniel Avery. She’ll follow the EP with an album that she says will have a more “modern and contemporary sound.”


01. Don’t Flatter Yourself Love
02. Stop Looking At Me Swan
03. 6666
05. It’s Something We Can All Learn From
06. Systems Up, Windows Down

Systems Up, Windows Down EP is available now, with “Don’t Flatter Yourself Love” streaming below.