Andy Butler’s mr.intl has unearthed MacDonald Flak And The Ack Ack Pack’s 1988 b-side cut “The Cortina Kidz” and will re-release it backed by remixes from Factory Floor and Juan Maclean & Tim Sweeney.

The original cut was produced by a young Tim Brinkhurst (pictured above) ahead of his imminent record deal with Virgin Records with his band Soho. Drenched in dark and sleazy overtones, the track encapsulates a downtrodden time in London, as Brinkhurst explains: “Hearing it again brought back memories of a London, a Dalston, that was choking with petrol fumes and in the middle of a crack epidemic that made the streets, never the easiest walk, even edgier. The fact that the energy for this remarkable release is now coming from New York seems very appropriate, though.”

Andy Butler heard the track and subsequently tracked down Brinkhurst to release it as a package with interpretations by London-based band Factory Floor and Butler’s NYC cohorts Juan Maclean and Tim Sweeney.

You can preorder the release here ahead of it’s release on May 9, with Factory Floor’s remix streaming in full below.