Matias Aguayo has shared a new mix with XLR8R, available via the links below.

The Cómeme label head recorded the mix ahead of his appearance at Epizode Festival, taking place from Dec 27, 2019 to January 7, 2020 in Phú Quốc, Vietnam. At one hour in length, it’s features a lot of Aguayo’s own material, solo and as part of one of his various collaborations. The aim, Aguayo says, is to give some insight into the rhythms that are engaging him currently, as he continues to develop his hybrid DJ/live set.

“This mix is my reflection on my actual state of mind when it comes to think about the music that surrounds me and the music I make. I decided to put a lot of my own music on it including some rarities, plus unknown collaborations I am involved with. As I am working at this very moment on developing my hybrid DJ/live set further, I thought to share some part of this process and the rhythms I find so fascinating at the moment. I am looking forward to share the results of this process with the audience at Epizode, where the bar is set high remembering the beautiful gig I had there last year. I will give everything to come up with more unexpected turns and alien sounds!” — Matias Aguayo

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