Hostom is back with a new two-track EP, titled Hostom004.

Hostom004 will be the mysterious and unidentified producer’s first EP since the limited edition HostomZZZ which dropped in June 2016, and it will be the fifth release on the label–the first three of which arrived in quick succession and brought much widespread acclaim to the Parisian label of the same name having been played out by many of the world’s leading DJs.

Interestingly, this latest release sees the Hostom logo evolve and mature–this time with more details, including ears and facial expression. See the previous logo for HostomZZZ below, which, according to label, announced Hostom’s “hibernation.”

Ahead of the EP’s April 3 release, snippets are streamable below.

A video of Cabanne and Lowris playing the B-side is also available below.