Fabric’s Houndstooth label will soon release In Death’s Dream Kingdom, a compilation featuring tracks from Pan DaijingLanark ArtefaxShapednoise, and more.

The compilation title draws its name from T. S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men,” in particular, the phrase “in Death’s dream kingdom”—the inspiration for each track.

Besides those mentioned above, contributions come from Peter Van HoesenPär GrindvikHodge, Batu, and many more. We’re told to expect “dark music for dark times.”

Ahead of the official January 26 release, the label will stream two new tracks from the release each day via Spotify.


01. Otto Lindholm “Cain”
02. Pan Daijing “The Island Within”
03. Lanark Artefax “Styx”
04. Petit Singe “Komm Wieder Mit”
05. Peder Mannerfelt “Post Sense Perspective”
06. Tomoko Sauvage “In Some Brighter Sphere”
07. Pye Corner Audio “Box In A Box”
08. Sophia Loizou “Shadows of Futurity”
09. Abul Mogard “Trembling With Tenderness”
10. Pär Grindvik “Speaking Their Minds”
11. Koenraad Ecker “Rat’s Coat”
12. Roly Porter “Without Form”
13. Hodge “Sunlight On A Broken Column”
14. Gazelle Twin “The Dream Ends”
15. Shapednoise “Ghostly Metafiction”
16. ASC “Tessellate”
17. Batu “Zoo Hypothesis”
18. We Will Fail “Carbon Trail”
19. Peter Van Hoesen “98 Lines”
20. Spatial “Haunted Dance Hall”
21. Yves De Mey “Solemn But Fading”
22. Mindspan “Accept Things As They Are”
23. Kangding Ray “Glacier”
24. ZOV ZOV “Post Six”
25. Ian William Craig “An End Of Rooms”

In Death’s Dream Kingdom will land on January 26, with the streams available here.