Jonnine Standish (a.k.a Jonnine), the vocalist from HTRK, will release a new solo album called Maritz.

Maritz takes its title from Jonnine’s mother’s maiden name, “the most haunted word I know,” she says.

The collection’s eight tracks deploy an eclectic array of scavenged instruments: bass guitar, a broken Swiss metronome, oddly tuned strings, recorder, Halloween charm bracelets and a homemade glockenspiel found at an abandoned high school in the hills.

Sonically, we’re told that the release “captures a versatile artist at a widening crossroads.”

It’s scheduled to come out via DJ Sundae’s Idle Press imprint.


01. I Put a Little Thing In Your Pocket
02. Tea for Two (Boo)
03. Portrait
04. Can I Trust the Flowers
05. There’s Nothing There
06. Three Spider Bites
07. Blissfully Unaware (Of You)
08. Maritz

Maritz LP is scheduled for February 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “I Put a Little Thing In Your Pocket” and “Three Spider Bites” in full via the player below.