Next on Hyperdub is MHYSA, “a pop star for the cyber resistance” hailing from Maryland, but currently based in New York.

NEVAEH, described as lo-fi R&B with a bedroom feel and challenging lyricism, focuses on identity and black experience. MHYSA began working on it in the fall of 2017, shortly after the release of her debut album, Fantasii, via Halcyon Veil. She honed the album’s sentiments while touring, recording audio notes and writing lyrics on her iPhone, before recording the tracks in her flat in West Philadelphia.

The album is described by the label as MHYSA’s “intimate reflection on the black femme experience from multiple vantage points, ranging from sex and sexuality, self-love, and self-discovery, black empowerment and lineage, pleasure and lack of it.”

MHYSA labels it “a prayer for Black women and femmes to be taken to or find a new and better world away from the apocalypse…NEVAEH is a safe space, a sort of negro heaven.”

We’re told that numerous tracks have made appearances in Kode9’s club sets, such as the lead track, “Sanaa Lathan,” as well as “w_me,” where MHYSA uses her breath and vocals to embellish a live drum instrumental.

The album follows the recently announced Burial compilation on Hyperdub.


01. Opening Skit
02. Float
03. before the world ends
04. na na drift
05. when the saints (interlude)
06. sad slutty baby wants more for the world
07. ropeburn
08. w_me interlud
09. w_me
10. no freedom
11. breaker of chains
12. Sanaa Lathan
13. honey, sweetie, baby
14. bbygurl
15. brand nu
16.. BELIEVE Interlude
17. no weapon formed against you shall prosper
18. when the saints (reprise)

NEVAEH LP is out on February 14, 2020, with “Sanaa Lathan” streaming below.