Julia Govor has teamed up with Barbara van Limburg-Stirum (a.k.a Barbara Ford) on a new 12″, titled The World Without Fears, out now on Anagram Records.

Govor and Ford, based in New York, United States and Amsterdam, the Netherlands respectively, connected last year while at Amsterdam Dance Event. Ford was familiar with Govor after she left a short review on the release sheet of The Sound of the Siren, Ford’s latest release on Anagram, but they first connected backstage one night. “I had a residency there [Sugarfactory] at the time and Julia happened to also play that night. We met, hugged, talked, laughed, exchanged our EPs, made a cheeky photo, and stayed in touch since,” Ford recalls.

“Our styles are quite similar and we both love to use our voices in our music, so we thought that would work really well together,” Govor adds.

The duo produced the EP remotely using modern technologies such as voice notes. “I received three different projects from Barbara, and took my favorite samples from each,” Govor recalls. “From there, I started to play around with my Nord Lead. Barbara already had a very crispy and clean mood there, but there was something missing. I think it’s wonderful that another producer left so much room to experiment. I recorded my voice, twisted it backwards and composed a melody, I was looking for something bright.”

The record is limited to 200 copies on hand-stamped vinyl, and it forms the second part of Anagram’s vinyl-only series. Mixing comes Kamran Sadeghi.


A1. The World Without Fears
B1. Anything to Fill the Void
B2. Intenseless

Julia Govor vs Barbara Ford’s The World Without Fears EP is available now. You can stream clips below, and purchase over here.