Next on Julia Govor‘s Jujuka label is a split with EMIT, an alias of Kamran Sadeghi.

Raw Reflex comprises three tracks from each artist. On Govor’s side is “Villa Tone,” which features the vocals of Ricardo Villalobos. In 2012, Govor conducted a video interview with Villalobos where he confessed that he fears dreaming and therefore “prefers not to sleep.” For “Villa Tone,” Govor sampled that part of the interview and used Villalobos’ voice to build loops and textures. The rhythm became something between reggaeton mixed with UK bass.

EMIT read backwards is “time,” the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past. The project is guided by the literal and musical use of time, and these are its first recordings. We’re told that “a culmination of styles unravel within each track, encouraging listeners to discover their own path through the rhythmic and tonal patterns.”

Govor launched Jujuka in 2018, and this is the second release, each of which comes with a comic strip. Raw Reflex comes with a comic depiction of Villalobos, see below.


A1 / 1. Julia Govor “Broken Pencil”
A2 / 2. Julia Govor “Naked Soul”
A3 / 3. Julia Govor “Villa Tone”
B1 / 4. EMIT “Hyphen”
B2 / 5. EMIT “Free Stuff Forever”
B3 / 6. EMIT “Greyscale”

Raw Reflex is out on February 28. Meanwhile, you can stream “Villa Tone” below.