Photo: Alexey Yurenev

Kamran Sadeghi will release a new album on Amphia later this month, titled Ritual Signal

Ritual Signal was recorded between 2014 and 2017, and includes live experiments and musical exercises that build up gradually, inviting you to explore the melodic and percussive cycles that allow for the imagination to create its own meanings. It’s Sadeghi’s fourth solo album, following 2015’s Approximation, but his first on Amphia. (Some of the tracks first surfaced on Sadeghi’s brilliant XLR8R podcast here.)

Outside of his solo work, Sadeghi was a performing musician with Soundwalk Collective, and has played live with Patti Smith and Jesse Paris Smith for the project Killer Road. 

Amphia is the label of Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia. Its discography includes Petre Inspirescu, SIT, Amorf, and DeWalta, among others.  

“This release is perhaps summing up a period of music for me that may never be repeated in the same way. I’m not working in a factory and I’m not really interested in repeating a formula. If I stop learning and discovering, it usually has very negative affect on my mood. I try to approach everything I do with attention and engagement for that specific time and project. If there is a genuine energy it will find its way into the music. I don’t think about who is going to hear it later or if it fits in a specific genre, if it’s going to make me famous or relevant. It’s the only way I can really capture that musical moment and I think the listener can feel and hear that.” —Kamran Sadeghi 


A1: More Than Tomorrow

A2: Today

B1: Water Me

B2: Who New

C1: Rise

C2: Mayday

D1: Surface

D2: Decay

Ritual Signal LP lands May 2, with a teaser trailer below and pre-order here