Kompakt has announced the next Pop Ambient compilation.

Pop Ambient is one of Kompakt’s longest running compilation series (second only to Total), with the first edition having appeared back in 2001. The upcoming Pop Ambient 2017, which was curated by Wolfgang Voigt, features contributions from a cast of faces old and new: Jens-Uwe BeyerThore PfeifferLeandro FrescoAnton Kubikov (one half of minimal duo SCSI-9) all return, while Japanese musician Yui Onodera debuts with some “intricate drone sculptures and sound skylines.”

Pop Ambient 2017 is due out November 25. Pre-order it here. Check out Leandro Fresco’s “Sonido Español” below.


01. Yui Onodera “Cromo2”
02. Kenneth James Gibson “Her Flood Knocked Me To The Ground (But I Was Already There)”
03. Soulsavers “Hal” (Wolfgang Voigt Mix)
04. Scanner + Yui Onodera “Locus Solus”
05. Jens-Uwe Beyer “Final 9.1”
06. Max Würden “Fernfeld”
07. Anton Kubikov “Dekka”
09. Thore Pfeiffer “Good Life”
08. Leandro Fresco “Sonido Español”
10. Max Würden “186.000 Miles Per Second”
11. Leandro Fresco “El Abismo”
12. Jens-Uwe Beyer “Final 10”