Emerging Los Angeles artist TWEAKS has shared the first single from their upcoming beat tape, Videl.

The track, “Peeping Thom,” a sub-heavy breakbeat cut with processed field recordings, was influenced by “Black America’s rich history of underground techno,” TWEAKS explains. It forms part of an upcoming beat-tape titled Videl that was produced during quarantine through a practice they dubbed “demo a day,” in which TWEAKS would create a new piece of music daily. The process of recording the tape was a cathartic experience and “realized through a period of intense loss and transformation,” they explain.

The nine-track Videl tape showcases TWEAKS’ range as a producer, presenting warped spoken-word ambient, left-field house, breaks, and broken-beat material. It will be their first long-form release, following various self-released singles.

“Peeping Thom” is available now and can be picked up here, with the full stream and mixtape tracklisting below. Videl will be released independently on October 23.


01. 90’s J-LO
02. Tongue Tied
03. 37 Niggas
04. Peeping Thom
05. Happy Birthday King!
06. Jawni Left
07. Crocodile Rivers
08. Breathe Slow
09. Wi Spa