Recently, the online mastering service LANDR, a tool which enables producers to polish up their tracks in the blink of an eye, announced the launch of its desktop app. Having mastered well over one million tracks and obtaining support from artists such as Maxxi Soundsystem, Tiga, Marc Houle, Wolf + Lamb, and more, LANDR is redefining the way artists approach the mastering process while saving time and money for the countless bedroom producers who are unable to afford expensive studio rates.

The desktop app adds a handful of new dimensions to this rapidly growing production service. The app allows artists to upload and master entire folders at once while also systematizing the workflow between their DAW and LANDR with a bounce folder. In addition to this, LANDR now offers a cloud backup, allowing producers to access their mastered tracks from anywhere.

You can download the app for free now and instantly get two of your tracks mastered. LANDR is subscription based and offers various services including basic, advanced, and pro.

Today, you can download the LANDR app for free and when purchasing a subscription, enter our coupon code: XLR8R15 to get 15% off any subscription you wish to try out. Take advantage of this offer by following the steps below.

  1. Download the LANDR app
  2. Open the app and create an account
  3. Enter XLR8R15 in the coupon code field when choosing your subscription
  4. Return to the app to login and start mastering!

Check out what these artists had to say about LANDR’s mastering services.

“I love LANDR… I use it pretty often to take my sketches and edits to the club.” – Rebolledo (Pachanga Boys)

“It’s pretty amazing, it means we can make a track and play it that night knowing it’s going to sound as phat on a big system as all the other professionally mastered tracks we are playing. It does an amazing job considering it’s a computer program.” – Fur Coat