Leaving Records has released Under the Lilac Sky, the debut album by Arushi Jain.

Jain is an Indian composer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work focuses on reinterpreting traditional Indian classical music through electronic instrumentation. She grew up in Delhi, training vocally at the Prayag Hindustani Music School, and studied Computer Science at Stanford, where she discovered modular synthesis.

Under the Lilac Sky is a “cinematic statement of intent,” we’re told, that “reverently nods to Jain’s musical history while presenting a bold sonic point of view.” This album is the “coming together of two distinct cultures of Hindustani classical and modular synthesizers representing the two parts of me that evolved into one whole in between my time in India and California,” Jain says.

Sonically, you can expect six songs of ambient synth raga intended to be heard during the sunset hours. Each track invites the listener to transport themselves through “intentional listening.”

“You know that moment when the sun is bidding farewell to the sky, and the colors turn into beautiful hues of purple and pink and everything in between? That is the moment that this album will shine the most,” Jain tells XLR8R. “The deeper you listen, the more shades you’ll see.”

The album is mastered by Daddy Kev.

For more information on Matthewdavid, Leaving’s label head, check out his XLR8R podcast here.


01. Richer Than Blood
02. Look How Far We Have Come
03. The Sun Swirls Within You
04. My People Have Deep Roots
05. Cultivating Self Love
06. Under The Lilac Sky

Under the Lilac Sky LP is out now. You can order it here and stream it in full via the player below.