The Growth Eternal, a Tulsa-native born Byron Crenshaw, will release his debut album on Matthewdavid‘s Leaving Records.

Crenshaw, a jazz bassist, producer, and song-writer currently based out of Los Angeles, has previously put out Bass Tone Paintings, a collection of psychedelic jazz exploring Black identity and love for the environment, on Leaving. Last year, he released Kensho !, which follows the same format: one-minute-long tracks in various different languages. (There’s also this cover of Solange’s “Things I Imagined.”)

PARASAiL-18, though, is Crenshaw’s first proper full-length, and he recorded it over a period of four years, in a process that “has made me as much as I’ve made it,” he says. Its nine songs represent the point in Crenshaw’s life where he has needed escape most, and the lowercase “i” represents ego dissolution and “yielding to things as they are,” we’re told.


01. Sustainer
02. Fade
03. Huntress
04. Roden
05. The Remains
06. Braid
07. Within Me
08. Parasail
09. Slide On Me

PARASAiL​-​18 LP is scheduled for February 25 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Roden” in full via the player below and pre-order here.