Lee Gamble’s UIQ label will release the sophomore album from Corin Ileto (a.k.a CORIN).

On Lux Aeterna, Ileto explores the idea of sound as a sentient being. Meaning “eternal light” in Latin, the album title is named after a choral work by 20th century composer György Ligeti which appears in the movie “2001:Space Odyssey.”

Ileto is inspired by Ligeti’s use of micropolyphony, a tool whereby clusters of sound slowly merge creating amorphous cloud-like formations.

“Using granular synthesis, samples are warped beyond obscurity into alien-like textures that bend and mutate,” we’re told, “clusters of string and vocal harmonies detuning and reemerging into swarms.”

Broadly speaking, Ileto’s productions are an assemblage of IDM, grime, EBM, and trance. Her releases include Manifest (Bedouin Records, 2019) and Enantiodromia, released on UIQ in 2021.

For more information on Lee Gamble, check out his XLR8R Influences podcast here.


01. lumen naturae
02. sunta
03. miserēre
04. vīsiōnem
05. arx
06. extasis
07. illumina
08. lux aeterna
09. trānsīre

Lux Aeterna LP is scheduled for July 14 release. Meanwhile, you can stream a trailer for “Sunta” illustrating the album’s visual 3D world by Tristan Jalleh below. Pre-order is available here.