Lessizmore—the acclaimed agency, event series and label—has announced plans to release Forever Never More, a various artist compilation to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

For over a decade, Lessizmore has been putting on label nights at top clubs such as Fuse in Brussels, Rex in Paris and Arena in Berlin. Following this success, the party also set up a label in 2006, with a goal to explore techno and house music left-fields, producing artists who strip back the frivolous details and remain original in their work.

The compilation hosts 23 exclusively commissioned and gifted tracks from artists close to the label’s heart, intended as a way of thanking everyone who has supported its growth thus far. 

Alongside the three limited edition vinyls (details below), the full compilation will be available digitally on June 6.

Full compilation tracklisting 

01. Andrey Pushkarev “Protagonist”
02. Birdsmakingmachine “F For Falsas”
03. Borrowed Identity “Cambio”
04. Cesar Merveille “The Worm Up”
05. Clovis “The River”
06. D “Mediating The Classics”
07. Dave Aju “Get It”
08. Deadbeat “I Don’t Need Nothing If I Got You”
09. Doubtingthomas “Schnappchenjager”
10. Elysée “Summer Memories”
11. Fernando Costantini “Who Are We”
12. Ferro “Laura”
13. Frivolous “Little Devils”
14. Issa Maiga “Trance Tension”
15. Jin Choi “Elysia”
16. Louis McGuire “Buffeting Tuft”
17. Magda “Fidget”
18. Mathias Kaden “Anima”
19. Mike Shannon “Talking About”
20. Nathan Oye “The Other Side”
21. Pierre aka Irvin “Hold Me Tight”
22. San Proper “HandBreakTurn”
23. Steve O’sullivan “Green Diversion”

Limited edition vinyl releases: 
(distributed by Juno and available in every good record store)

LIZM12 (Released on April 25)
A1 Birdsmakingmachine “F For Falsas”
B1 Deadbeat “I Don’t Need Nothing If I Got You”
B2 Louis McGuire “Buffeting Tuft”

LIZM13 (Released on May 9)
A1 Borrowed Identity “Cambio”
A2 San Proper “HandBreakTurn”
B1 Dave Aju “Get It”
B2 Frivolous “Little Devils”

LIZM14 (Released on May 23)
A1 Steve O’sullivan “Green Diversion”
A2 Fernando Costantini “Who Are We”
B1 Mike Shannon “Talking About”
B2 Clovis “The River”