Lewis Fautzi will release a new album, his first on Oscar Mulero‘s Pole Group.

The Ascension Of Mind follows two previous LPs on Soma Quality Recordings and various EPs on Figure, Warm Up Recordings, and more.

The label describes the release as “a collection of ten tracks of cosmic techno, carefully crafted making a soundtrack of the future, deep, intense and scientific.” It is, continues the label, “a coherent and complete collection of precise, surgical, and futuristic music to be enjoyed as a whole adventure.”


01. Psychopath
02. Entering
03. Subconscious
04. Diffracted
05. Rentless Pain
06. Seasick
07. Furrow
08. Cyclic Human
09. Optic Chiasm
10. The Brain Revolution

The Ascension Of Mind is scheduled for June 16 release, with an album teaser streamable above.