Lionmilk will release his new album, Visions Of Paraíso, through Leaving Records.

Lionmilk is the alias of Moki Kawaguchi, a Los Angeles-based artist, composer, producer, beatmaker, jazz pianist, and bandleader. In early Spring, he was introduced to Leaving’s founder Matthewdavid by Mndsgn during their collaborative performance at the ongoing Leaving Records-curated public concert series, Listen To Music Outside In The Daylight Under a Tree. Kawaguchi is also known for his recurring On The Spot performances of curated improvised music that is organized at the LA weekly underground club night Back Beat LA.

Visions in Paraíso is the first of three albums underway from the collaboration of Lionmilk and Leaving Records.

Kawaguchi released his Depths Of Madness cassette album last year via Paxico Records.


01. Morning Conversation
02. Youth and Folly
03. Fela
04. Break My Legs
05. Money Hugger
06. Arched Feet From Now On
07. Brandy
08. Shine
09. The Unseen (Amani Fela)
10. Cantthink
11. For The Hustlers
12. Nina’s Intermission
13. Chuva de Verão
14. Samba de Saudade (ft. Muwosi)
15. Sacuda
16. Sonho de Paraiso
17. Danca de Los Angeles
18. Unstable States Of Mind

Visions in Paraíso LP is out September 24 on cassette and digital, with “Arched Feet From Now On” and “Chuva de Verão” streaming below.