Loraine James will release a new album as Whatever The Weather, her new ambient alias, on Ghostly.

A “fascinating change of pace” for the North London producer, we’re told, Whatever the Weather finds her using keyboard improvisations, stuttering production, and vocal experimentation to shape atmosphere, mood, and tone. The music moves with an “intrinsic fluidity,” Ghostly adds, “akin to sudden weather events passing over a single environment.” We’re also told that “airy, transportive, and unpredictable, tracks freeze, thaw, and bloom in varying degrees, as reflected in the temperatures of their titles.”

The album stems from James’ appreciation for ambient-adjacent Ghostly artists like Telefon Tel Aviv (who she’d ask to master the album), HTRK (whose singer Jonnine Standish features on “Nothing”), and Lusine (whom she remixed at the start of 2021).

James grew up in Enfield, north London and was drawn into the world of music-making through her mother’s eclectic love of music. She took piano lessons as a child, while classes at college, and later on Westminster University’s Commercial Music course, facilitated her encounter with the basic tools for digital production. She has processed the last two years of turbulence through her art, starting a monthly show on NTS radio, and recording two Hyperdub releases, the Nothing EP and Reflection, the proper LP follow-up to her 2019 breakthrough, For You and I. You can read more about her work in her XLR8R podcast here.


01. 25°C
02. 0°C
03. 17°C
04. 14°C
05. 2°C (Intermittent Rain)
06. 10°C
07. 6°C
08. 4°C
09. 30°C
10. 36°C
11. 28°C (Intermittent Sunshine) [Digital Bonus Track]

Whatever The Weather LP is scheduled for April 8 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “17°C” below and pre-order the album here.