Photo: Marcella Cytrynowicz

Rising jazz star Sam Gendel has teamed up with Josiah Steinbrick for a collaborative album of woozy, spiritual jazz.

Gendel and Steinbrick are multi-instrumentalists and producers based in Los Angeles, California. (The former released Fresh Bread on Matthewdavid‘s Leaving Records earlier this year.) This is the first time they’ve released an album together, and we can expect a pair of “elliptical textural voyages,” named Mouthfeel and Serene.

The A-side, Mouthfeel, focuses on loose, pitter-patter rhythms, infused with woozy synth patterns and Gendel’s electronically treated, subdued horn. On the flip, Serene presents “two crisp, mouthwash-cool pieces” of freeform, glassy, synth waltz. It finds a “sedate, amorphous midpoint” between Sakamoto’s moment of float-tank ambience on the Fieldwork EP and an imaginary collaboration with Asmus Tietchens.

The record inaugurates Steinbrick’s Full Bloom Records.


01. Mouthfeel 1
02. Mouthfeel 2
03. Mouthfeel 3
04. Mouthfeel 4
05. Mouthfeel 5
06. Serene 1
07. Serene 2

Mouthfeel / Serene is available now. You can order here and listen to it in full below.