Photo: Sarah McIlwain

Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a Lusine) is up next on Ghostly with Retrace. 

Following 2017 full-length Sensorimotor, which explored the body’s instinct versus the brain’s intent, this introverted four-track EP finds McIlwain just as kinetically-curious. It balances focused programming with washy, less concrete sonics, and plays with the unexpected by drawing from slight variations on the same idea.

Opener “Not Alone” repeats and stretches vocal phrasings from Hardly Art-signed American singer-songwriter Jenn Champion, building onto itself until a climactic, near-duet reset, before “Turn Back.” South Korean musician Yousun Cho (a.k.a CIFIKA) brings a fluttering of bilingual directives to “Step On,” an exercise in electronic pop. The title track embodies the whole, allowing a single synth pattern to morph, regenerate, and bloom before returning to its original form.

McIlwain has been producing his diverse, melodic strain of abstract electronic music as Lusine for a decade-and-a-half. The Texas native relocated to his current home of Seattle in late 2002 and began steadily releasing his music on Ghostly. He has also contributed tracks to various compilations and remix releases from Mute, !K7, Kompakt, Asthmatic Kitty, and Shitkatapult.

10″ black vinyl is limited to 300 units worldwide. 


01. Not Alone (feat. Jenn Champion)

02. Turn Back

03. Step On (feat. Cifika)

04. Retrace

Retrace EP lands July 12, with the title track streaming below.