Machinedrum and Holly will release Berry Patch, a new EP and their first collaboration, out January 31 on Vision.

Machinedrum connected with Holly, real name Miguel Oliveira, through IeMerge, and then Holly signed to Machindrum’s management team. “It was like the stars were aligning,” Machinedrum recalls. “At the time I wasn’t really looking to start any new collaborations, but I knew that the universe was telling me there was something special brewing here.”

Machinedrum sent over a track he had been working on and when Holly sent back his version, “my mind was blown,” Machinedrum recalls. “I knew we needed to create more.” The Berry Patch EP came to life after this, described by Machinedrum as “a perfect blend of our vibes.”

Holly adds: “Our sounds easily came together to create a musical journey– although we ended up using a predominantly drum & bass sound, we were able to explore other experimental and ambient styles.”


01. Berry Patch
02. Yangmei
03. Bramble
04. Goji

Berry Patch EP is out January 31, with the title-track streaming below and pre-order here.

Lead photo by Storm Santos and styling by Alexis Bergens. Artwork is by Pilar Zeta.