Photo | Ahmed Chrediy

Marc Houle has unveiled his new album, No One Knows, out March 13 on his home label Items & Things.

No One Knows is Houle’s first album since 2017’s Sinister Mind, and comprises nine tracks, all revisiting his Detroit techno roots and highlighting his distinct heavy beats and strong melodies.

In support of the release, Houle has shared the title track, with its dark pumping energy and “melancholic message,” and “Here We Are,” the album’s first single. The track features the vocals of Karla Houser, which repeat to create a slowly morphing crescendo, and lies somewhere between Chicago jack drums and rolling techno.

We’re told to expect Houle‚Äôs strongest album to date, featuring “tight productions borrowing themes from his past releases while pushing towards the future.”


01. No One Knows
02. Mock Me
03. Scalery
04. Glit for Pink
05. Arizona
06. Smirker
07. Waterphone
08. Deckard 7
09. Here we Are (feat. Karla Houser)

No One Knows LP is out March 13 on digital. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hear We Are” and “No One Knows” below.

Artwork | Dave Houle