Matthewdavid has released Care Tracts, a new ambient EP on Leaving Records.

Beginning in 2015, Matthewdavid, real name Matthew David McQueen, has put out several EPs as Matthewdavid’s Mindflight, the last, Ophiuchus, coming in 2017, which he’s followed with a few singles. This particular outing comprises three long-form, constantly shifting Mindflight compositions inspired by the energy of care, which “maintains all life in its embrace,” Leaving explains.

The label continues: “We give thanks to the dust of stars that congealed into the body of this planet, our home, and that gives form and solidity to our bones and flesh. We honor the rocks and their long slow cycles. We give thanks to the living soil, and the billion creatures that haunt her caves and pores and chasms, to the belts and the ants and the termites, to the soil bacteria swimming in the slick of water that clings to her mineral archways, to the worms, wriggling, eating, coupling, and transforming within her.”

Besides the digital release, there’s a limited run a 300 cassette tapes.


01. Tract of Hidden Animalia
02. Tract of Gentle Healing
03. Tract of Bell & Flute Magic

Care Tracts EP is available now on Leaving Records. You can order the record here, and stream it below.