Open Space and Domesticated Records have released an album from DJ Fitness, an alias of Pablo Arrangoiz.

You might not have heard of Arranzgoiz but there’s a reasonable chance you’ve heard his music.

Based in Miami, Florida, the young Mexican artist has quietly been building his back catalog, displaying a variety of styles and genres as Baüzer Vep, Glue Boy, Decima Vittima, Doctor Hotdog, and DJ Fitness.

And through this he has cultivated a small but dedicated cult following across Bandcamp and the United States—which is to say he’s come a long way since he began playing drums at 11. You can read more about him in his XLR8R podcast here.

The DJ Fitness Program, his new album, features a fuel-packed double disc workout plan made exclusively for DJs focused on having health and strength. It features Open Space mainstay EZ Dee, underground hip-hop legend Sensational, and Bugzmain.


01. Out Of Order feat. Sensational
02. Healthy Beat
03. Get Swole feat. Bugzmain
04. Schvitzing
05. Activ8
06. Look Your Best
07. Mictroton
08. Leg Day

The DJ Fitness Programme LP is available now. You can stream it below and order it here.