Nils Frahm has released a new album, Graz, on Erased Tapes.

The album comes out in celebration of Piano Day, the annual celebration Frahm co-founded in 2015.

Frahm recorded all nine tracks in 2009 at Mumuth, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, before his Erased Tapes debut of Felt. The London label describes it as a “snapshot of a young Nils.”

While Frahm decided to keep the Graz recordings locked away and instead focus on his close mic’ed, dampened piano explorations that would become Felt, two of the pieces, most notably “Hammers,” lived on as part of his live set. These were re-recorded and released as part of his 2013 record, Spaces.

In November, Frahm released Tripping with Nils Frahm, a concert film and live album.


01. Lighter
02. O I End
03. Because This Must Be
04. Kurzum
05. And Om
06. Hammers
07. Crossings
08. About Coming and Leaving
09. Went Missing

Graz LP is available now via Erased Tapes. You can stream the album in full via the player below and order it here, where you can also pre-order the vinyl.