Tomás Station by Carmen Triana

Resolute affiliate O.BEE and Tomas Station (a.k.a. Irie Nation) have launched Jigit, a new label and multi-disciplinary creative project.

A record label centers the project, exploring “fictionalized storylines of life-altering encounters and cosmic synchronicities,” revolving around a spiritual entity called Jigit. The story will be expressed by the music released and the accompanying visual narrative, created by artist Asli Tunaman. Each release is a chapter in the story; the music acts as the narrator and the cover art as the visual narration, taking the form of a fantasy comic strip.

The project kick offs with 5.1398° N, 3.3238° W, a five-track 12″ from Station’s Irie Nation alias, produced during his travels to the West African shores of the Ivory Coast. The record has already garnered support from scene heavyweights such as Raresh, Magda, Lamache, Varhat, Laylla Dane, and, of course, the two label founders.


A1. Assinie (Escape Mix)
A2. Assinie (Back 2 Bahia Mix)
A3. The Sea (Wrath Of The Whitewaters)
B1. Vibrations & Soul
B2. Champetrance (Abidjan Speed-chase Mix)

5.1398° N, 3.3238° W is available in stores this week and can be ordered over at Yoyaku, the label’s distributor. You can stream snippets of the release below.