PAN is set to welcome back the Lifted ensemble for a new album, simply titled 2.

Lifted is now a core group of Future Times boss Max D, Matt Papich (a.k.a Co La), Jeremy Hyman, and Motion Graphics. 2, their second album, expands on the expression that brought about their 2015 album debut, 1.  

Whereas the way they approached the idea of improvisation on 1 was framed in jazz terms, the seven tracks on this second LP step even further into the unknown. “On this record we went a lot deeper into our kind of studio technique,” Lifted say. “We tried to cultivate the sound using the studio as a primary tool, almost a member of the group in a way.”

Max D’s crew of Future Timers play deft roles across the album. Jordan GCZ and Dawit Eklund both return, as do 1432r’s Sami, Will DiMaggio, and Repetentes 2008. Beatrice Dillon and Bass Clef also make telling contributions. Further input comes from Aya, vocalist and bassist for Japanese experimentalists OOIOO; and Martin Kasey, a friend of Papich summoned to provide striking saxophone blasts.


01. Now More Than Ever

02. Total Cure

03. Mirror In My Room

04. Blackpepper

05. Purplelight Wish

06. Rose 31

07. Near Future

2 LP lands June 7, with “Now More Than Ever” streaming below, and pre-order here