Bill KouligasPAN imprint will release the upcoming album of Puce Mary, titled The Drought and scheduled for October 5 release. 

Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Copenhagen-based Frederikke Hoffmeier, an affiliate of Posh Isolation. Since 2013, she’s released several solo albums via the Danish label and collaborated with label founder Loke Rahbek, while also performing in the group Body Sculptures. She’s also shared further releases on iDEAL Recordings (as JH1.FS3 with Jesse Sanes), Total Black (with Dan Johansson of Sewer Election), Aesthetic House, and more.

The Drought will be her PAN debut. We’re told that the album evolves from “the tropes of industrial and power electronics to forge a complex story of adapting to new realities” and “demonstrates an intention to expand on the vocabulary of confrontational music and into a grander narrative defined by technical and emotional growth.” Inspiration is drawn from writers such as Charles Baudelaire and Jean Genet. 


01. Dissolve 

02. A Feast Before The Drought 

03. To Possess Is To Be In Control 

04. Fragments Of A Lily 

05. Red Desert 

06. Coagulate 

07. The Size Of Our Desires 

08. The Transformation 

09. Slouching Uphill 

The Drought will land on October 5, with “Red Desert” streaming in full via the player below.