Gus la Tempête has released ∆ï∆M, a new beat tape.

La Tempête, from Paris, France, is a beatmaker known for his work in Electric Conversation, a Parisian trip-hop band that released two albums in 2007 and 2012. Upon the band’s dissolution, La Tempête has gone out on his own. He released Slow Down Robots, a 7″, in 2011.

∆ï∆M is an abstract beat excursion full of dirty bass and flowing synth lines. It reflects on the tragic loss of la Tempête’s baby girl last year. “I needed to tell some stories about what we’ve been going through after this tragedy,” he explains. “I was away from music and when I got back onto the machines I needed to express myself. It made me feel better doing these beats and I’m glad today to share it.”

We highlighted ∆ï∆M as part of our monthly selections feature, which you can read here. Meanwhile, order the album here and stream it via the Bandcamp player below.


01. La Dhuys
02. Incompréhension
03. L’abeille et l’araignée du soir
04. Mea-culpa
05. Opération à cœur ouvert
06. Résilience
07. L’enfant songe
08. Annonce est faite
09. K.O. debout
10. L’échelle des priorités
11. Amour maternel
12. La paix des anges
13. Conceptions
14. Courte distance
15. Entre deux mondes
16. Prophéties