Yoyaku‘s YYK No label has released the debut album of People People, a collaboration between André Baum and Gulp, born Gonzalo Perez Scartascini.

On Out of Our Hands, the Berlin-based pair—coming from New York and Argentina respectively—deliver a “cinematic world built from dynamic instrumentals, intimate lyrics, mysterious melodies, drone riffs, and subtle distorted effects,” we’re told.

“21st century synth sparkle meets guitar grit and vocoders, hip-hop influenced backbeats, and numerous sonic twists,” the label continues, “all working together to create a vivid and timeless tapestry.”

The album will appeal to both fans of adventurous electronic music in search of new sensory experiences and lyric-minded listeners keen for a narrative journey.

After a chance meeting in Berlin in 2016, Baum and Gulp spent the next years exploring their mutual range of tastes in the studio, creating a modern blend of electronica, alternative, techno, synth-pop, and downtempo. They released Shock & Awe on Lamache‘s Discobar label in 2020, which came with a Ricardo Villalobos remix.


01. Hide and Seek
02. Dreaming with You
03. Doubled Sided
04. Running Home
05. Demon
06. Let It Go
07. After the Night
08. Get Ready
09. Gone Slow

Out of Our Hands LP is scheduled for September 29 release on vinyl, with digital available now. You can stream clips below and order here.