Pépé Bradock, real name Julien Auger, will release his new album as Brigitte Barbu via Circus Company.

Uniting cosmic tones, unique sound collages, and electronic noises, Muzak pour Ascenseurs en Panne, meaning Muzak for Broken Lifts, is Auger’s first album as Brigitte Barbu. Across 11 tracks, we can expect “resonant guitar notes, odd sounds, electronic hallucinations, and unexpected warm synth layers,” the French label explains.

Auger recorded and mixed the album during a reclusive one-week residency in what he deems a “very special studio.”

“I wanted to compose an ethereal abstract hip-hop LP,” says Auger, “with guitar as a brainwashed instrument, mirroring machines and computers, even if surely far from being unplugged.”

Bradock’s most recent album came last year with What A Mess, his first in 21 years.


01. Dae-Boj DeMoya
02. Trou Vert 1
03. Beau Zoo
04. Trou vert 2
05. Sainte Amante
06. Trou vert 3
07. Couvre chef en peau de taupe
08. Trou vert 4
09. Ray Z
10. Trou vert 5
11. Mistori

Muzak Pour Ascenseurs En Panne LP is out on June 12 on CD, vinyl, and digitally, with “Sainte Amante” streaming below, and pre-order here.