Kristian Jabs, better known as Pessimist, will release a new album as Soft Boi, titled So Nice.

After 2019’s sludge-crawl collaboration with Karim Maas, Jabs dials back the drum & bass for a shimmering palette of magenta hued synth leads and chunky snare cracks. Across this backdrop, Jabs narrates the inner monologue of his Soft Boi counterpart. We’re told that his lyrics “dissect modern masculinity with unflinching control,” touching on hours wasted on dating apps, spiralling arguments, and the loneliness of self-obsession.

Essentially, So Nice is a breakup album rooted in club music, “executed with punk’s jugular concision and driven by a deep antipathy for modern life and love,” Climate of Fear, the label behind the release, explains.

For more information on Jabs, check out his XLR8R podcast here.


01. Saying Hi To You
02. Fais Moi La Guerre (feat. Nastychong)
03. Something to Say
04. Just Run
05. For A Moment
06. Jealous Type
07. Guestlist
08. And Shout
09. So Nice
10. Bye Then

So Nice LP is out on vinyl and digitally on June 17. Meanwhile, you can hear clips below and pre-order here.