American-born multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Peter Broderick has announced a new EP, titled Two Balloons, scheduled for November 9 release via Erased Tapes

Two Balloons will be available as a limited edition 10” vinyl and digital download. It features the score for the award-winning animation short of the same name, inspired by an early recording of Broderick’s, plus a nine-minute electronic rework on the B-side, “Techno For Lemurs.”

Director Mark C. Smith got the idea for his nine-minute stop-frame animation film while out at sea. Shortly after, he heard a song by Broderick from one of his earliest recordings—”4 Track Songs”—and the music struck a chord so strongly that he knew he wanted to make a film to fit the melody. And so began the five-year labour of love that would eventually produce this little film, currently circulating film festivals around the world and racking up countless awards and accolades including Best Original Music Score at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam.

Even though the film was inspired by an older Broderick composition, the score for Two Balloons was recorded from scratch, revised and expanded to fit each frame.

“Techno For Lemurs,” the B-side, is described as “more than just a remix that recycles the original recordings.” None of the original parts have been re-used. The track is a homage to the two main characters in the story, the ring-tailed lemurs Bernard and Elba. Serving as Broderick’s first foray into the world of techno, this piece reinterprets the melodic themes from the original score by adapting them with electronic instrumentation. 


01. Two Balloons (Part 1)

02. Two Balloons (Part 2)

03. Two Balloons (Part 3)

04. Two Balloons (Part 4)

05. Two Balloons (Part 5)

06. Techno For Lemurs

Two Balloons EP will land on November 9, with “Two Balloons (Part 4)” streaming below, and a trailer for the short film streaming here.