On May 27, Peter Van Hoesen will inaugurate Dekmantel‘s new UFO series with his latest EP, Quadra.

Continuing the sound tradition of the UFO stage at the annual summer festival in Amsterdam, the UFO series, in the forthcoming months, will release music from Marcel Dettmann, Randomer, DJ Stingray, and Voiski, “championing ranky darkwave funk and industrial textures, jagged body music, and overall destructive energy from the worlds most talented and tenebrous souls alike.”

First up, Van Hoesen’s Quadra presents four tracks of the type of machine-driven anarchic techno we’ve come to expect from the techno stalwart. Hypnotic energy, syncopated rhythms, and dub-focused bass all feature heavily on what is a mind-bending EP.

The four-track EP will see release on 12″ and digital on May 27, with “P2ME” streaming in full via the player below.