Parisian producer Cvd (a.k.a. Charles Dollé) first appeared on our pages in 2014 with his glistening track “Jungle Cahandy.” In the years since, Cvd has stayed on our radar, consistently producing stunning electronic compositions, including his 2016 remix of Chassol’s “Lôôôve You Negacra,” which we offered as a free download.

His debut album, Elsewhere Nowhere, will arrive on May 5 and presents a futuristic concept in which “human beings of the year 2047 approach reality solely through the medium of ‘meta(s),’ new immersive technologies that connect them to an improved, augmented reality.” Via glistening instrumentation and a deft production hand, Cvd lays out his futuristic vision with beautiful clarity.

Ahead of the album release, you can stream album cut “And Man Created Karma” in full below, alongside a mind-bending 360° animated trailer for the album.

You can pre-order the album here.